Katie Garibaldi
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

CAM: So, take us back, how did you get into music?
KG: "I was always musical as a kid. My mom played piano in the house and liked to sing too. I grew up listening to rock and roll and pop classic records that my parents played in the house and car, like the Beatles, Huey Lewis and the News, the Beach Boys, and Michael Jackson. When I got a little older my mom taught me how to play piano and I liked it, but I always kind of played piano and sang separately. I didn't find the joy in doing them simultaneously, except for when I listened to others play piano and sing. I can remember as early as elementary school that I would walk around humming, creating melodies and making up my own songs, but I couldn't quite translate those to the piano. When I was about 10 or so, I had a teacher that played acoustic guitar who would play in the classroom, as well as a chorus teacher who played guitar too. I was completely enthralled with the acoustic guitar as soon as I saw it up close in person. Everything about it was magical to me. I took guitar lessons in middle school and immediately fell in love with the instrument. Right from the get-go, I started putting my vocal melodies to chords and music and writing songs. Growing up, my influences ranged from pop to country to folk and a lot in between--both modern and classic. Music has been an endless love affair for me, especially once I discovered my love for the guitar. The guitar became this natural-feeling tool for me to bring the songwriting tendencies I always in me from the inside to the outside."

CAM: When did you start to take your music career more seriously?
KG: "I took it seriously from an early age, I'd say when I was in high school. I started performing at that time just locally and recording at friends' houses who had access to recording equipment. My parents have always been very supportive and when I was about 16 or so, my mom took me to a music conference in Las Vegas where I got a good dose of education on how to run your business as an indie artist. It was a lot to consider, but it instantly excited me and I felt determined to pursue music as my career from that point on."

CAM: What are some of your most proudest accomplishment in your career?
KG: "I'm most proud of the fact that I've stayed true to myself in an industry that's not always so kind or careful with one's artistic intentions. I would say that I've been through it all and when I stop to think about it, I'm really proud that I haven't given up on living my dreams the way that I envision them, and that may have taken me the long way (or hard way) but it's definitely taken me the most fulfilling way. Even the tough moments have made me who I am, and that's all a part of living life according to what the heart's true destiny is. Some specific accomplishments I'm proud of are winning the Songwriter of the Year award from Songsalive! in 2012 and the Emerging Artist of the Year award in 2015 from the Indie Music Channel. My song "Follow Your Heart" was also nominated in the 2015 Hollywood Music In Media Awards, which I'm very grateful for. I'm also proud to be a voting member of the Recording Academy since 2014, and to have been featured in Guitar Player magazine, which was a dream come true for me."

CAM: What do you have coming up?
KG: "Right now I'm wrapping up a brand new EP, which I recorded in Nashville recently. It's a collection of five new songs that feature a mixture of classical and country style string players, and a more stripped down production than my last album, Follow Your Heart. I'm really excited for people to hear this new sound! The EP will be released in Spring 2016, with new tour runs to support it."

For bookings: info@katiegaribaldi.com